Patton Memorial Pilsen

Thank you, America! Memorial

Pobřežní 10, Pilsen, Czech Republic
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Thank you, America! Memorial

The Patton Memorial Pilsen museum was opened on 5 May 2005 to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the Liberation of the City of Pilsen and Southwestern Bohemia by the U.S. Army. The exhibition maps the U.S. Army presence in Czechoslovakia during 1945, post-war economic aid and the period 1948-1989.

The Patton Memorial Pilsen museum includes over a thousand exhibits. The first section presents the final air raid campaigns in Western Bohemia and the bombing of the Škoda plants. Surrounded by the sound of sirens and genuine film and photographs of that time, visitors are drawn into the last battles of WWII.

The exhibition chronicles the advance of the U.S. Army in Czechoslovakia and the deployment of U.S. soldiers. Authentic images depict the war´s final days, the arrival of U.S. troops, moments of relaxation and friendly encounters with locals, as well as some ceremonial events, including recordings of a troop inspection on 15 June 1945 attended by President Dr. Edvard Beneš.

Other exhibits document how economic aid helped people cope with the difficult situation after the war ended: food rations, empty and unopened food cans, flour and maize bags and chewing gum. There are also medical items, field rations, sports and relaxation equipment, craft tools, printed materials and many relics left behind by US soldiers.

A significant part of the exhibition focuses on George S. Patton, commander of the U.S. 3rd Army, and his old friend General Ernest N. Harmon, who provided technical and material assistance for the recovery of Czechoslovakia and who said goodbye to the Czech people together with U.S. troops during the last inspection in November 1945.

The museum also presents documents, newspapers and magazines covering the period 1948 –1989. These texts highlight the efforts of the communist regime to obscure facts about the U.S. liberation of Pilsen.

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